Meet the Pape Automotive Family: Pete
If you have brought your vehicle in for service over the last few years, you’ve likely had the pleasure of working with Pete! Now it’s time to get to know him a little better.
Pete - Service Advisor
Position: Service Advisor – I am the person that is responsible for keeping customers informed throughout their appointment. I can help them prioritize repairs or create a maintenance plan for their vehicle and I also set the schedule and support the team in whatever they need.
Tell us about your family: My fiance’s name is Emilie and we have one son and one dog. Camden is 4 and Roxy is a German Shepherd Boxer mixed that used to love coming to work with me but was forced into early retirement due to covid.
How long have you worked at Pape Automotive? 3 years this month!
How long have you been a part of the Veneta/Elmira community? I lived out here for the summer of 2015-spring 2016 until we moved back to Eugene. Since then I’ve met much of the community through my job at Pape Automotive. Camden loves going to Fern Ridge Child Development Center.
What’s your favorite thing about the Veneta/Elmira community? I really enjoy seeing so many of our customers know each other and having such a tight-knit community.
What’s your favorite local restaurant? Ixtapa! But Y-cook is a close second…
What was your first vehicle? 88 Ranger
What’s something you think everyone should know about their vehicle? Maintenance is cheaper than repair!


25821 Hwy. 126
Veneta, OR 97487